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Here at Mary Aldrich Coaching, we finally capture and tame feelings of stress, overwhelm, and that constant negative song on repeat in your life so you can experience the freedom, joy, energy, and peace you have been longing for! Whether it is relationships, time management, health, finances, or something else that is driving you crazy, the tools in our Real Life Transformation program can work for you!  Join me on a path towards abundance that you'll never want to leave!

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Why get a coach? 

Are you...

  • Feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, or wanting to hide in the bathroom?
  • Constantly tired, not eating or sleeping well, or lacking energy?
  • Yelling and screaming, constantly having to fight with kids, or shutting down?
  • Behind in housework, school work, paperwork, and personal work?
  • Feeling distant from God, disconnected from your spouse, or bored with your busy life?
  • Feeling like this is not easy, it's just as good as it gets? Have you convinced yourself that suffering, sacrifice and endurance are simply the things you have to do?

Well, guess what? You can get your life back! Stop drowning! Experience what it feels like to thrive, love your job, and take care of you!  Feel like you have margin for the unexpected again!  Meet a tribe of people where you feel like you are safe to share the truth of situations! Discover what relief, rest, and peace feel like!  Make the abundant life something you feel every day!

Peace, freedom, and excitement are attainable, and Mary can help you get there. 


  • “I enjoyed the book club/coaching sessions. Sometimes it just takes some encouragement or validation to finally sink in! Mary is gifted with this coaching business. She has a keen mind and a loving heart. I thought the group size was perfect and the schedule of the calls was just right. I found myself looking forward to the next one.”

    — Orlana
  • “I was part of one of Mary’s group book clubs. The accountability I received was crucial in encouraging me towards the spiritual integrity I craved. It can be easy to view missteps as failure, but Mary helped me view them as bumps on the road leading to something better. I experienced a change in perspective that has allowed me to continue trying instead of giving up and saying ‘I’ll never get to where I want to be’—and I am closer to where I want to be! Fast forward a few months and I started hearing all the coaching advice Mary had given the other members of the club come rolling around in my head. I had a little ‘bag of tricks’ to help me with my personal relationships, my priorities, and conflict management. If you want change in your life but can’t figure out how to make it happen, give Mary a call!”

    — Diane
  • “I always feel energized, and inspired! More of Mary is always good!”

    — Mandy
  • “The coaching I have received from Mary has been extremely impactful and dynamic in my life and personal growth. She is quick to listen and get to the heart of matters. Mary has helped me tremendously in thinking outside the box and reaching a clearer perspective about whatever I’m facing without compromising a caring response. I highly recommend Mary Aldrich as a life coach.”

    — Barbara

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Send Mary a message with any and all questions you might have. You can also request a free consultation. 

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Living in fear and anxiety is a habit. Just like we can make new choices to not chew on our fingernails, we can choose to live in joy and freedom.