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Author: Mary Aldrich

Toxic People- How to Love

I am really excited to talk today about the fruit of the Holy Spirit and dig into this subject in a number of other ways. Today we will talk about the subject of how to love. In John 15:12 Jesus says: “This is my commandment,

Activities for Children- Self Control

Today we are talking about self-control and activities for children. I hope that today’s article will give you some entertainment as well as some practical ways to help your children develop self-control.  If you want your children to be successful in public, you have to

Raising Teenagers and Self Control

Are you aware of your control issues – when the problem is more about you letting go than whether or not your teen is doing things well?  Do you ever find yourself noticing that the issue is more about your control issues than whether they

Self Control and Recalibration

You don’t have to wait for the beginning of the year to recalibrate. If you are feeling frustrated, or feeling pulled in several directions or wondering why things haven’t worked out, or a difficult family situation, if any of these things are happening- you don’t

The Joy of The Lord is Your Strength

I encourage you not to dismiss the Joy of the Lord as just something that is deep because while it is that, it also includes choosing to be happy. The true Joy of the Lord creates possibility, hope, life and motivation to keep going. It

Joy is a Way of Life

Joy isn’t just a happy thought. It is a way of life. In a previous blog, we talked about how to get things out of the way so that joy can come in. Joy kind of becomes a default response when we take action and