Which Pattern is Keeping you Stuck?

July 4, 2018

We can­not solve our prob­lems with the same think­ing we used when we cre­at­ed them. — Albert Ein­stein

Be trans­formed by the renew­ing of your minds — The Apos­tle Paul

Often I hear, “Thanks, but I don’t real­ly need help or any­thing you offer because I know what I want to be doing and if I tried hard­er, I’d be fine.

But what if I told you your brain is incred­i­bly slick and that this isn’t about will pow­er at all?

Your brain …
– has been care­ful­ly trained for years by your deci­sions,
– keeps you mak­ing the SAME deci­sions,
– and keeps you safe, secure, and in the same famil­iar pat­tern.

You can be thank­ful for a brain that works this way. It has prob­a­bly kept you safe in some real­ly dif­fi­cult times.

But if you want some­thing new it’s going to require DOING some­thing new. And here’s the truth:

As soon as you try some­thing tru­ly new, you’ll be fight­ing your brain’s slick ways to get you back on the famil­iar paths it has made for you already. And since it’s YOUR brain, it’s real­ly con­vinc­ing. You’ll come up with a com­plete­ly “new idea,” but it still falls into the same pat­tern as all the meth­ods before.

So, how can you know if it’s a new way of being or if it’s a sneaky way your brain is going back down the same path again?

How famil­iar are these?

* You’ve decid­ed you’ll just need to try hard­er next time.

* Your “new idea” cre­ates a way for you to suc­ceed while also doing it again ALL BY YOURSELF.

* You let your­self off the hook to have your dream because of depres­sion, abuse, or some oth­er real­ly valid and impor­tant trau­mat­ic rea­son. After all, no one real­ly under­stands how debil­i­tat­ing it is. So if you ever get past that, then you can have your dream. But not right now.

* You don’t want to tell oth­ers what you are doing to change until you start hav­ing the result.

* You beat your­self up for not using the tools you’ve already paid for to get through this and as pun­ish­ment you tell your­self you have to get your money’s worth from them first before you spend mon­ey on any­thing else.

If you tru­ly want to have some­thing new and can’t fig­ure out why you haven’t got­ten it yet, it’s prob­a­bly because of one or more of these love­ly tac­tics above that your brain uses to keep you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. SAFE. In the KNOWN ter­ri­to­ry.

But I spe­cial­ize in see­ing the pat­terns and know­ing when your slick think­ing is keep­ing you stuck.
I help you see them so you can final­ly cre­ate some new trains of thought and HAVE what you want. FINALLY, ACTUALLY HAVE IT!

It’ll take doing some things you haven’t tried before.
It’ll take trust that some­one else could pos­si­bly see things you don’t see.
It’ll take set­ting down feel­ings of pan­ic about shar­ing the real sto­ry with some­one else.

But if you choose to be BRAVE.
If you choose to TRY SOMETHING NEW HERE,
If you choose to have some­one reflect back to you where your brain is kid­ding you,
If you are will­ing to TRUST and LEAP

Then JOY, FREEDOM, and final­ly hav­ing some suc­cess IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

Suc­cess in mean­ing­ful rela­tion­ships- be it kids or spouse.
Suc­cess in peace­ful, con­sis­tent rou­tines that you love.
Suc­cess in self care that helps you thrive and also not neglect your fam­i­ly.
Suc­cess in feel­ing HAPPY!

But I have had [this con­di­tion] for so long” … Unhelp­ful brain pat­tern.

But I don’t want to talk to some­one I already know about my rela­tion­ship” … Unhelp­ful brain pat­tern.

But I don’t want to talk to a com­plete stranger about the details of my life” … Unhelp­ful brain pat­tern.

But I don’t want to spend mon­ey on some­thing before I know it will work” … Unhelp­ful pat­tern.

But I’d feel embar­rassed about” … Pat­tern.

But my hus­band might think” … Pat­tern.

But what if this makes it worse … Pat­tern.

But I just should be able to do this myself … Pat­tern.

You can’t tell me any­thing I don’t already know … Pat­tern.

But what if this isn’t GOD’s will” … HUGE PATTERN.

I’ll pray about it and if HE wants it to hap­pen, it’ll hap­pen” … BIG STINKING PATTERN THAT KEEPS YOU FROM HAVING TO DO ANY WORK!

I know so many of them. Have I hit on yours?

SO the ques­tion is:

What DO you want? DO you want to feel FREEDOM, final­ly lose weight so you can enjoy mov­ing with your kids, or HAVE that intense LOVING rela­tion­ship?

Or do you want to be right about your pat­terns?

I can help you get past all those lines (lies) you tell your­self that hold you back. I can help you final­ly see these pat­terns for your­self when they are dis­guised so beau­ti­ful­ly and look incred­i­bly con­vinc­ing so you can final­ly tell them to take a hike.

I can help you get to the place where you FEEL that abun­dant life on a reg­u­lar basis that Jesus said was pos­si­ble.

It’s just a phone call away. Sign up for a com­pli­men­ta­ry call. One phone call will get the whole process start­ed. For once, put down your pat­terns, trust, and LEAP.

And the leap is just a phone call. It’ll actu­al­ly be one of the most encour­ag­ing things you expe­ri­ence that day. It’ll feel real­ly good … relief … sat­is­fy­ing. What if every­thing you are long­ing for is right on the oth­er side of it? What if the only rea­son you haven’t got­ten there yet is because you keep resist­ing this step?

Lis­ten, if you’ve made it to the end of this post, some­thing here is res­onat­ing with you…
How do you know that this might be some­thing that could real­ly help you?
Because you were inter­est­ed enough to read all the way to HERE.

Because THIS is hit­ting home. And you know it.

So take some action, right now! DO some­thing now, while it feels clear.

Sign up for a free call.

I promise it will be encour­ag­ing and life giv­ing. I’m a kind soul and my true heart’s desire is to help you ENJOY lov­ing God and oth­ers, and your­self. Allow me to share your jour­ney with you. You don’t have to do it alone.

Get on the phone.

But I’ve already had a call…
PATTERN… (Just saying…P.A.T.T.E.R.N.)

This is your life. Are you who you want to be? Let me help you get there. <3

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