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The Good Old Days

I think that with everything going on in the world that it would be easy to decide that the good old days are behind is but they aren’t right now. I hope by the end of this article I will be able to convince you

The Good Life

The good life comes up because I have wondered about the idea of being free in Christ. The idea of being a slave to sin and now alive in Christ confused me. How do you go from being a slave to one thing and then

The Goodness of God

As we jump into the goodness of God I just want to point out how interesting the timing is. Our world is completely different today than it was a few years ago and people are currently in their homes and doing things very differently. There

Patience is Key

It is interesting given the circumstances in the world that we are in currently that patience is the focus of this month. I have found great benefit in focusing on the different ways that I can focus on waiting on the Lord, staying calm, having

The Patience Game

In Supermom School, we discuss helpful ways to find support while we are waiting it out. If you have ever had to wait something out you will understand the need to create a strategy around being patient. If you’ve played a board game, sometimes you

Patience is a Virtue

I have heard the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’ my whole life, but let’s review what that phrase means. The definition of virtue means a behavior showing high moral standards. I think there is a reason why “patience is a virtue” is a popular phrase

Good Questions to Ask

Good questions come into play when dealing with our relationships because we have to have an immense amount of patience to make things work. I think it also goes hand in hand with last week’s article about how love gets curious. If you haven’t read

Perfect Love Casts out Fear

(This article, while written at the beginning of the pandemic, is still incredibly relevant today, so keep reading!) I am especially excited about this article because I really feel like the Lord redirected my heart to write to something that is relevant in our society

I love my Husband

If you have been listening to any of my fruit pursuit podcasts or reading any of my articles I think you will enjoy this particular article. You might not have to take a lot of notes, so sit back, relax and enjoy some funny stories

Toxic People- How to Love

I am really excited to talk today about the fruit of the Holy Spirit and dig into this subject in a number of other ways. Today we will talk about the subject of how to love. In John 15:12 Jesus says: “This is my commandment,