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This might just be the best thing you could do for yourself and your family!

What do you tru­ly want?

You’re prob­a­bly dream­ing about the months ahead right now any­way. If you are ready for some­thing new in life, if you are ready to do what it takes to get out of this insan­i­ty, if you are ready to tru­ly expe­ri­ence calm, peace, and enjoy your life, I’m ready with tools and key action steps to help you love your life more than you ever thought was pos­si­ble.

We’ll go through three months of sim­ple con­cepts to apply to your unique sit­u­a­tion that will com­plete­ly ren­o­vate your expe­ri­ence of life. My clients often say that they come away from the coach­ing expe­ri­ence with a deep­er love for Jesus than they have ever had before, expe­ri­ence a high­er plane of avail­able ener­gy to draw from for work each day, and a more con­sis­tent joy and love for life.

Take your life changes into your whole fam­i­ly and pos­i­tive­ly change the tra­jec­to­ry of your rela­tion­ships with your spouse, your kids, and your friends for­ev­er!

Get start­ed!

The Details

  • Week­ly train­ing in on a new top­ic each week to help you stay in the right frame of mind to suc­ceed at your most impor­tant work: lov­ing God and lov­ing oth­ers (and enjoy­ing it!).
  • Live online coach­ing where you can find sup­port for your spe­cif­ic needs and help you take good care of YOU!
  • All ses­sions record­ed so you can go back and review them.
  • Pri­vate Face­book group where you can post ques­tions, encour­age oth­ers in the group, and build a tribe of peo­ple who will sup­port you in ways that actu­al­ly help you be who you want to be!
  • Work­sheets and jour­nal­ing prompts to encour­age you every day.
  • Learn four key ways to find relax­ation and calm in stress­ful moments AND we’ll prac­tice.
  • A sur­prise gift!

Topics we’ll cover

  • How to tru­ly get what we need.
  • How to love life most of the time.
  • Feel clos­er, more loved by God
  • Fig­ure out pri­or­i­ties and min­i­mize dis­trac­tions
  • Per­son­al bound­aries
  • Deci­sion Mak­ing
  • Feel­ing ener­gized
  • Coach­ing kids
  • Deal­ing with doubt, hurt, and pain
  • And many more!

Lis­ten, I get it! I real­ly do. I’ve been in the mid­dle of the crazy, won­der­ing if I dare admit how hard life feels to any­one! What I want you to know is: YOU CAN HAVE SOMETHING BETTER! It’s pos­si­ble for you! You can wake up smil­ing about life! Seri­ous­ly! It IS pos­si­ble! It’s not just a dream! It is going to take doing some new things and it’s going to take a good sup­port sys­tem!

What if 2018 is the year that you look back and say, “That’s the year my life changed!” I did that in 2009. I look back and know that my life has been on a dif­fer­ent track since then. My kids are hap­pi­er, our fam­i­ly is clos­er, I am tak­ing bet­ter care of myself, I have bet­ter bound­aries, and I am gen­uine­ly more joy­ful about my life. I didn’t think it was pos­si­ble to feel any dif­fer­ent­ly then. Every­thing isn’t per­fect and things don’t all go my way, but I find that the inter­rup­tions of life don’t knock me down as hard as they used to and I expe­ri­ence joy over so much more than I used to. I don’t look for ways to zone out away from my real life every chance I get any­more and when I do have strug­gles, I have a sol­id sup­port team that helps me remem­ber the Truth when I can’t remem­ber it myself.

Final­ly take “I need a break!” to “I love my life!”
Go from, “I’m so busy!” to “I now have all the time I need for what’s impor­tant to me.”
Be able to say with con­fi­dence, “I am an amaz­ing mom, doing a fan­tas­tic job, and I like my kids!”

Join me! Lets love God, Love oth­ers, and enjoy it!

Apply today!

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Living in fear and anxiety is a habit. Just like we can make new choices to not chew on our fingernails, we can choose to live in joy and freedom.