Meet Mary

Mary Aldrich is an energetic mom of seven amazing children and wife to the love of her life, Brandon. Together, they are committed to helping others love God, love others and enjoy the process of both.

Mary’s passion is to help families who are longing for real joy, deeper relationships, and less overwhelm in their everyday life through coaching people through their conflicts. She is a laser focused, loving encourager for you, if you are ready to find joy, abundance, freedom and peace in your life. She is the founder of Relationship Renovations and an inspirational speaker and retreat leader.

Aside from relationship coaching, homeschooling, and church ministry, Mary enjoys a variety of hobbies including reading, swimming, healthy living, essential oils, and learning alongside her high school sons.

Find her on Facebook at Mary Aldrich, Mary Aldrich Coaching, and “Organizing and Encouraging Parents.”

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Living in fear and anxiety is a habit. Just like we can make new choices to not chew on our fingernails, we can choose to live in joy and freedom.