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5 First Things Challenge



Mayday! Mayday! The ship is going down!

Are you in a state of emergency? Crisis mode? Trying to figure out how to regroup?
The 5 First Things Challenge is the fastest way for you to get back on track!

#1: Figure out YOU- We cover how to quickly assess your own needs so you can efficiently meet the needs of others. Time to put on your own oxygen mask, sister!
#2: Crisis Scheduling- All the schedules and routines have flown out the window.  We’ll make the day make sense anyway so you can find some peaceful moments.
#3: Food and Menus: No one likes to think about what to cook during stressful times. We’ll cover how to make a quick plan and move on to more important things.
#4: Chores: You can’t do it all, woman!  Let’s cover how to enroll others in your home into helping you out!
#5: Automation: The favorite episode- this is where we set up a few systems to help things run better without you having to direct 100% of the time.

Dear sister, I know this is a tough time, but it’s not getting any better wallowing in how hard it is.  Let’s take a deep breath, stand up and take one step forward.  You got this! And this challenge is going to have you back up and running- probably better than ever!


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