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Get Ready for Homeschooling in 5 Days



So you’ve decided to homeschool? But you have no idea where to start?
Here’s your crash course- but the one you can trust to get you ready in as little time as possible.
If you are just pulling your children out of school, let them have this week off while you make a plan.  They’ll be fine.  You get ready first while they take a breather.  Everyone will operate better and things will go smoother that way.
Then press play, take good notes, and take action after each video.  Don’t watch them all and then try to follow the instructions- just take them one per day and then do the assignments from that session.

Blessings on your school year! You are going to be great!

What’s included:
Day 1: Getting your WHY and Basic Setup
Day 2: How to make space for this in your life
Day 3: Curriculum- how to choose, what to look for
Day 4: Supplies- books, materials, and all the extras
Day 5: Support- how to find support when you feel like you just decided to “go it alone”
BONUS: Scheduling two ways


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