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Holiday Hacks Session



This 5 session Strategy Retreat is designed to get you prepared for the Holidays.

Session 1: Uncover what your real game plan is for the holidays so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Session 2: Get all the expectations on the table. Create a manageable schedule.  Avoid being overcommitted.  Enjoy peaceful and restful holidays.

Session 3: Practical ways to help make this year’s events the best ones ever. Clients say this session is the #1 life changer when it comes to staying with family or having family stay with you.

Session 4: Gift giving.  We’ll take a look at the budget- even if you don’t have one, and pull out ideas you didn’t even know you already had for how to show love to others this season.

Session 5: Details. Details. This year, little pesky things aren’t going to sneak up on you!  You’ll be ready for them, like a Supermom!

All sessions average about 30 minutes and there is a fantastic workbook to help you capture your whole strategy session.  If you’ve been longing to go into the Holiday season prepare and come out the other side with joy and rest, this is your ticket!  You’ll find so much success in this process, you’ll want to set aside time each year to use this material again.  Blessings on your holiday season!


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