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Supermom School 

This is for those women who are giving it everything they have, but at the end of the day it still doesn’t feel like you did enough.

  • You know what you are trying to do in your life, but can’t seem to get it going.
  • You know what you want to do, but can’t find the time.
  • You really wish you could just enjoy your life and calling.
  • You have your tasks, but they can quickly overwhelm you or feel confusing.
  • You go hard and then don’t see results and wonder if God really told you to do this.
  • You’re kind of tired. You’d like to rest, but don’t know how.
  • A little uncertain. How do I figure this out?
  • Wary of telling people who don’t understand what you are doing.

But you know there’s more available. You can’t put the idea down that life should feel different. Better. More happy and peaceful. It follows you even into your sleep. There is no getting away from it. You are called to do this and it’s maddening to feel like you can’t figure it out.

Ok, I got you.

  • We will get organized so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.
  • We will look for what’s preventing you from having the joy you long for.
  • We’ll get crystal clear on what tasks are next and settle down your mind.
  • We’ll create regular accountability so you can see and build your forward momentum.
  • We’ll figure out the money.

Supermom School package includes:

  • Weekly group calls
  • Access to all the Supermom Trainings for every area of life!
  • Relationships, Kids, Mindset, Home Organization, Spiritual Growth, and More!
  • Free Invite to my LIVE retreat, February 4-5. Here in the Atlanta area.
  • 2 Private deep dives – one at the beginning and one near the end so you have a clear path forward
  • Access to me on Messenger- ask anything, anytime.  I’ll respond in 48 hours or less (usually less)



– FREE Access to other paid programs I offer including but not limited to Think Truth!, Relationship Renovations, Holiday Hacks, and others


– Affiliate Bonus! NEW this year!
Get a friend to join too and you get a 20% commission for having them join!

If I know you, and this resonates, then I know you’d really like to get started yesterday!  So, here’s the deal…sign up to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

Lets Book a Call!

Can’t seem to consistently do the things you know to do?

What if it isn’t about more will power?

Need some new practical Biblical tools?

Wonder if you’ll figure it all out in time?

Ready to change the trajectory of your relationships?

What if your brain is actually keeping you stuck?

You’ve come to the right place!

See what these Supermoms have to say

“Before coaching I lived in a near constant state of overwhelm. Life seemed impossible on a daily basis. Since coaching I have learned a whole toolbox full of tools to shift my focus away from overwhelm and toward possibility. Now I find myself thriving on a daily basis. Mary Aldrich especially brings a very practical kind of coaching that has been transformational in my parenting and

Supermom of 3 kids, in-home hospice nurse, homeschooler

This group has been incredibly helpful and life-giving. I’m learning bite-size strategies for getting organized and staying on track with who I say I want to be as a parent, and learning to recognize and celebrate big and small wins in the day rather than giving in to overwhelm. It’s such a supportive community in a season of life when it’s so easy to feel isolated.”​

Supermom of 3 kids, artists, college art teacher

“The challenge was that I knew I wanted consistency in my communication, discipline, and approach to each child, but I felt my energy strained and my creativity depleted. ​These challenges made me feel tired, stressed, and like a failure as a mom. It made my children frustrated, sometimes confused, and walking on eggshells a lot of the time. ​I have grown in my parenting, learned how to give myself and my children grace, while also learning how to have clarity in my parenting with each of my children. I have learned that I don’t have to just hope for the best, but I can actually plan and believe the best in this journey of motherhood; both for myself and for my kids.”​

Supermom of 4 kids, entrepreneur, pianist

My Own Story

I didn’t want to keep messing up over and over again, my kids and husband to remember me angry all the time, to keep pretending I was a happy Christian while feeling like a failure on the inside.

I knew I had to figure out how to stabilize my temper. I needed more emotional margin. However, the thought of taking a class, practicing something new, or learning new techniques felt like heaping on more pressure when I was ready to explode.

How was I supposed to take time away from my already messy home? Where in the world was the money going to come from to pay a coach when we couldn’t always pay our bills? I was afraid I was going to spend a pile of money and energy and discover that I wasted it all.

I didn’t have a single moment or penny to spare. Our home needed repairs, we couldn’t afford to visit family, some of my kids needed braces, I was trying to homeschool… if I chose to spend time and money on something it had better work because otherwise, I’d be making life worse for a lot of people!

But I took a leap of faith and I discovered there was a way…

  • I discovered some things I didn’t know that I didn’t know…
  • I invested in some high level coaching, which dramatically transformed my relationships and confidence as a parent, and now…
  • I’m on a mission to help others just like you!

Membership includes:


  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Access to Training Library
  • LIVE Retreat
  • 2 Deep Dive Coaching Calls
  • Access to Mary via Messenger
  • Bonus: Free Access to other programs
  • Bonus: Affiliate Commission!
  • So much more: Accountability, everything recorded, printables…

A Supermom School First Class membership consists of:

At the beginning of each month we will create goals together  for what you are working on.  Every other week of the month, you have the opportunity to be coached on whatever you want to bring up.

Supermom school makes our library of training materials available to you at all times. Different from traditional lectures, most of our training is specifically designed to be interactive. The opportunities for you to apply various concepts to your specific needs through journaling, brainstorming, and action plans are unique and productive.

Some of the incredible resources in this library include conflict resolution tips, biblical mindset tips, and techniques to interact with others in an authentic, peaceful and joyful way.

This retreat is specifically designed to help you relax, celebrate, and also rev up for the home stretch of the school year.  This year February 4-5th. You don’t want to miss this KEY opportunity for intentional living!

In an attempt to help YOU know exactly what you want to work on, how you are progressing, and then reflect on all the ways you’ve grown, we will schedule at least 2 private, 45 minute phone calls throughout the year to help you THRIVE!

Did you know that being in Supermom School means you have 24/7 access to Mary? Ask questions, get advice, and so much more… Usually responds in 48 hours or less.

We’ve got you covered for so many other needs!
Many of Mary Aldrich Coaching programs are available to you at NO COST- included 2 of her most attended programs:
Think Truth! Building a Biblical Mindset for Families (a 12 week devotional resource)
Relationship Renovations: Remodel any relationship in 3 months or less!

Want to do this journey with your friends? Want to get paid?
Any friend that signs up via your recommendation gets YOU a 20% commission! That’s at least $800, per person!

It’s our way of saying thank you for getting the word out there!

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