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Tag: love

Perfect Love Casts out Fear

(This article, while written at the beginning of the pandemic, is still incredibly relevant today, so keep reading!) I am especially excited about this article because I really feel like the Lord redirected my heart to write to something that is relevant in our society right now. I feel like

I love my Husband

If you have been listening to any of my fruit pursuit podcasts or reading any of my articles I think you will enjoy this particular article. You might not have to take a lot of notes, so sit back, relax and enjoy some funny stories and how these stories illustrate

Toxic People- How to Love

I am really excited to talk today about the fruit of the Holy Spirit and dig into this subject in a number of other ways. Today we will talk about the subject of how to love. In John 15:12 Jesus says: “This is my commandment, you shall love one another