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Today, I noticed that I could spend my time thinking about what I can’t get done because I’m too busy or I can spend my time thinking about what I have an opportunity to do right now. I have exactly 21 minutes before I have to teach my son school.

Often when I have that short of a period of time, I’m so focused on how it’s not enough time to get the thing done that I spend the whole time in an ineffective, useless way. I convince myself that I need more time than what I have right now.

Joseph plugging away at Math

Of course, when I’m excited and inspired about the message that I have to share, it often means that it only takes just a few minutes. If I wait until another time when I’m not as inspired it will take three times longer to drag an idea out of my head.

So in this moment, I’m really excited about what I can do in this moment and take that step forward. I don’t need to worry so much about how am I going to fit all the other moments in today.

Joseph: “I don’t know how to do it all, but I do know how to do this!”

How am I going to make everything happen?
That doesn’t really matter.
It just matters what I know I need to do right now.

Right now.

I have ideas about later:
I’ll be read with my son, I’ll have coaching stuff this afternoon, then this evening, I’ll work while the kids are at their youth group. But regardless of what it is, in the moment, I just get to focus on what I need to do right away.

The key for that to be effective is not to give into discouraging thoughts or worrying about things that I don’t have the answers to.

I was tempted this morning to let worry bring me down. We’ve been waiting for a long time to hear whether or not we’re gonna get a job. We keep getting either continual interviews for jobs that won’t pay enough or nothing.

Now, for the first time, we have a possibility. We have a real possibility that two employers are going to say, Yes, we want to hire you.

Me: “Rachel, look worried!” 

Suddenly we’ll be in a situation where if he really wants one job, he’s got to stall the other to see if he actually gets the the one coming at a later date.

It’s the perfect opportunity for me to decide that all of a sudden, now I have something to worry about!

I quit worrying about not getting a job, but now that he’s possibly going to be offered two, suddenly I act like God can’t take care of orchestrating the timing between both of those.

What!?! That’s ridiculous!
He’s kept us up until now.
He’s met our needs.

He’s still meeting our needs.
The idea that he’s not going to meet this need of working out the details between the possibility of two offers is silly.

It’s really silly.

It’s really jumping back into doubt, and fear and worry.

Therefore, I just get to release that to God, and get back to doing the next thing that I know to do.

That’s how we step in faith. It is just one step after the other. The results are up to God.

It’s a lot more joyous to realize that he has it all under control.

Justin, thrilled that his plan worked!

He has everything taken care of.

I can trust him.

I can believe that he’s going to work out the details that I have thought about, and the details that I haven’t even thought about yet.

Isn’t that the thing that we get the most freaked out about?

Sometimes we are like,
“Wait, I didn’t think about this!”

Then we start to worry about it, because we think since we haven’t been considering that possibility, now it’s going to take us down.
As if our thinking of it could actually have solved the problem ever in the first place, or met the need in the first place.

Jefferson thinking hard about his Logic

That’s ridiculous whether we thought of it or not God still in control. He doesn’t need our brains to think of anything for him to keep the world under control!

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